Writing Course: Create Your Own Emergent Reader

Ongoing Course

Be creative, write an emergent reader, with teacher guidance. Teacher will guide student to create and complete an early emergent reader. The students book will be added to the Conserve Our Wild online reading platform. The book will be made available to teach younger students how to read.

Howie Minsky

Howie Minsky

Conserve Our Wild is an environmentally friendly organization dedicated to improving child literacy and wildlife awareness.


The book will be made available to teach younger students how to read.

12-18 year olds

6 Weeks duration

$479 For 6 weeks

Once per week for 6 weeks
3 to 10 learners per class


Join me for this fun writing course! Four days of fun filled learning and writing! We will learn to write an emergent reader, expand creativity, develop visual acuity, and benefit by completing a book which younger children will use.

Students each week will write a wildlife emergent reader about a different animal. Students will learn fun facts about the animals as they write. Student authored books will be used by early beginning readers as they learn to read. The teacher guides the students step-by-step through the writing process. Students select the wildlife photographs from our catalog of professional  photography. Students will be amazed and gain confidence in their ability to author a book.

This writing course is focused developing writing skills to create an emergent readers. Students books will be used by younger readers learning to read. Students will learn to author an emergent reader book using their imagination. The teacher will guide your student step-by-step through the writing process. The teacher will provide individualized writing help. Students will learn the components of a beginning reader, what is required to write one, and a deeper understanding of learning to write with and being helpful for other children learning to read.

Students in each class will write an emergent reader with teacher guided instruction. With step-by-step instruction, the student will create a new emergent reader in four sessions.


Class Outline:


  • Week 1:  Learn about emergent readers and begin to write their wildlife story
  • Week 2:  Complete writing theirwildlife emergent reader, with teacher guidance.
  • Week 3:  Select animal photographs for their book. Note: Teacher has permission to use photographs.
  • Week 4:  Students complete their emergent reader and share their book with the class.
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