Storybooks – African Wildlife

Ongoing Course
Guided reading is a teaching approach designed to help individual readers build an effective system for processing a variety of increasingly challenging texts over time. Guided reading levels graded using the Fountas and Pinnell text level gradient.
Howie Minsky

Howie Minsky

Conserve Our Wild is an environmentally friendly organization dedicated to improving child literacy and wildlife awareness.

4-10 year olds

10 Weeks duration

$399 For 10 weeks

12 books per level
50+ animals and birds in series 


Books in Series:12
Book Info:32 pages, 1,000 words
Reading Time:7 to 10 minutes
Lexile:500 average
Description:Great stories, amazing pictures, fun facts, conservation tips, and wholesome life lessons




  • Ellie Elephant– Join Ellie on the African savanna to learn what it’s like to be the largest land animal on Earth.
  • Delta the Painted Dog– Join Delta on a great adventure and learn what life is like as an African Painted Dog.
  • Connie the Grey Crowned Crane– She may look beautiful, elegant and majestic, but Connie knows it’s more important to be a good bird than to just look good.
  • Lilly Lioness– Join Lilly on the African savanna to see what life is like as a lion.
  • Coco Crocodile– Join Coco on the banks of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. Learn about life as a Nile crocodile.
  • Ollie Ostrich– Ollie is one strange bird with many world records. She’s excited to tell you all about ostriches.
  • Jaden Giraffe– Walk the African savanna with the tallest animal on Earth. Come see the world as she does.
  • Zooma Zebra – Zebras can be a bit grouchy, but not Zooma. She just wants to play all day with you.
  • Harry Hippo– Harry loves to share how fun life is being a hippo.
  • Sylvester the Cheetah is My Friend– Sylvester loves being the fastest runner on Earth. Come hang out and see how much fun it is being a cheetah.
  • Bobo Baboon – What do you think it’s like to sleep in a tree and spend your day searching for food in the open woodlands of Africa? Read this fun story and find out.
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