Improve Reading Skills

 Ages 4 – 10

Learn About Animals

Learn to read while learning about wildlife.
Guided Reading Levels are Lexile rated and Fountas & Pinnell certified.
Common Core for English language arts/literacy (ELA).
Your child will devour our reading material like a hippopotamus devours vegetables . 

Reading Courses

Enroll in our wildlife based online reading courses for ages 4 to 10.

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Level B
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Levels E-P
Level A

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African Wildlife

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North American Wildlife

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Write Your Own Emergent Reader

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Beginner Reader Book Club

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Guided Reading Everglades

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Guided Reading African Safari

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Guided Level Reading, Wildlife

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Guided Reading Early Beginner Readers

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Levels E-P

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Why Learn With Us

Parents, Teachers, and Environmental Organizations use our books to teach reading skills, wildlife knowledge, and conservation. Our course material contains great stories and stunning wildlife photographs that students read, comprehend, and retain. Our students are more engaged and learn faster with our wildlife based course material. Even our youngest students learn to read large words like rhinoceros (10 letters, 4 syllables), hippopotamus (12 letters, 5 syllables), and crocodile (10 letters, 3 syllables).
Funded in part by Sierra Club

Appreciation Through Understanding

  • Improve reading and wildlife appreciation.
  • Our reading technology creates independent readers.
  • Animals excite and engage.
  • High quality guided reading levels.
  • Children learn faster when they enjoy what they read.
  • Improve comprehension and retention.
  • Achieve national and state curriculum standards.
  • Your child will enjoy reading large 5 syllable, 12 letter words, like hippopotamus!

Conserve Our Wild
Online Reading Platform

Conserve Our Wild publishes children’s wildlife books to improve child literacy and inspire wildlife appreciation for prekindergarten to fifth grade. 

Guided Reading Levels are a teaching approach designed to help individual readers build an effective system for processing a variety of increasingly challenging texts over time.

Guided reading is not just an exercise to practice reading skills. It is research-based, highly targeted, scaffolded reading instruction that builds student confidence and reading independence with high quality grade level books. Reading well means reading with deep, high quality comprehension and gaining maximum insight or knowledge.


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Wildlife Books

Our children’s wildlife emergent readers and wildlife storybooks are leveled preK to 5th grade, Lexile, and Fountas & Pinnell certified. 

Teachers, Schools, School Districts, and Environmental Organizations use our books to teach improve literacy, reading skills, build STEM based wildlife knowledge.

Conserve Our Wild’s wildlife books contain stunning photographs and bring lessons to life with fun animal facts that students read, comprehend, and remember.

Students learn more quickly when they enjoy the topic of study. Conserve Our Wild’s wildlife books create a more engaged student.

Enroll here to read some of our wildlife books.

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Emergent Readers

Guided Reading Levels, Lexile Rated, Common Core Standards Approved, and Fountas & Pinnell Certified

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Educational Alignments
& Level Information

Alignment of learning, teaching, and assessment is a process where each of the critical elements (learning objectives, assessment of learning, and anticipated knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions) of instruction interact and support learning outcomes.

It is also a process of taking instructional ideas from a personal mental model and transforming those ideas through an instructional design process into a functional unit for teaching and learning.

Educational Alignments – Emergent Readers

Our wildlife books meet educational standards!

Educational Alignments – Storybooks

Underlying educational value to Conserve Our Wild’s storybooks…

Educational Benefits for our books

What classroom activities &
strategies will prepare students
for assessments?​


This letter is to inform educational stakeholders that Conserve Our Wild’s emergent readers, storybooks, and online support resources are now available to all Palm Beach County elementary school teachers within the School District of Palm Beach County. We are delighted about this collaboration and look forward to continued success in our conservation education initiatives.
Palm Beach School District
Palm Beach School District
I want to thank you for your great emergent readers. Our students really like them and keep asking to read them. We appreciate your books.
Rebeca BenarrochSchool Director, EcoKids Bilingual Preschools
Rebeca Benarroch
Wow, How! You’ve got IT! I get more out of reading your books the more I read them.
Marla ConnRead-Ability
Marla Conn
The Sierra Club supports your efforts to improve child literacy and wildlife conservation awareness. Conserve Our Wild is a valuable educational conservation resource for children and families at school and in the home. We value your emergent readers, storybooks, and online reading platform for Prekindergarten to Fifth Grade adn their families about the importance of wildlife and conservation.
Sierra ClubLoxahatchee Chapter, Wildlife Professional
Sierra Club
These wildlife books contain stunning photography, great stories, fun facts, and conservation tips. The emergent reader book photographs depict the actions of the story. Readers can identify the main idea and details as well as ask and answer questions about the actions of the characters. Detailed, supportive photographs, high-frequency words, and repetitive phrases support these early emergent readers.
Everglades FoundationWildlife Professional
Everglades Foundation
The books are very informative! I’m sure the kids will love them!
Haley PasseserLion Country Safari, Wildlife Professional
Haley Passeser
Perfectly written for children. How could a parent not love reading this to their child.
Alisa JaffeColumbia University
Alisa Jaffe
As an environmental educator, I am always on the lookout for environmental children’s literature. I was delighted when I discovered Howie Minsky’s Everglades Wildlife Series. I love Howie’s Everglades picture books! These books provide young learners with totally captivating photography and text that immerse them in the lives of so many of the animals that call the Everglades home. Howie’s books are such an important resource to connecting learners with this national treasure, our Everglades, and can serve as a springboard for learning more about how the health of the Everglades is important not only to wildlife, but to our quality of life as well.
Susan TothEnvironmental Educator
Susan Toth
BRAVO Howard! I very captivated by your adventurous story! Your photos are amazing.
Deanne DeforestWildlife Painter
Deanne Deforest
I love the Conserve Our Wild leveled readers! Most children are visual learners primarily and the vibrant and detailed visuals in these readers are engaging, beautiful, and educational. Students are drawn into the worlds of these animals and are using their sight word knowledge to decode each animals personal story. I highly recommend these beautiful books to any school
Lacey FoxTeacher, kindergarten
Lacey Fox
…Our fifth graders read your wildlife books using the online platform and really enjoy them.
Jennie BennettTeacher
Jennie Bennett
I like that your books are about wildlife. I like that there are emergent readers for Levels A, B, C, and D. Students can listen to the text independently and see which words are being read. The speaker button for students to click to listen is consistent with other programs. The highlighting of words while the voice reads is pretty smooth.
Cara VelaTeacher
Cara Vela
The images are excellent and the non-fiction text informative. I also like that the story can be read to the students.
Gayle ZavalaTeacher
Gayle Zavala
My students really like your books. I like how the books can be read to the student. This is great for emergent readers, ESOL students and students that struggle with reading. I also like that there are different levels available for students to access. This way students can challenge themselves or just enjoy the book read to them.
Donna LeechTeacher
Donna Leech
I like how colorful the pages are displayed. It is easy for the students to navigate. Having to log in with each book is cumbersome especially for younger readers.
Jennifer BennettTeacher
Jennifer Bennett
I love your books – the content, the photographs, engaging topics! The online platform is definitely beneficial for emergent readers and ELL learners.
Monika MoormanTeacher
Monika Moorman
My students love your wildlife books!
Susan CarranzaTeacher, 1st grade, Senegal, Philippines
Susan Carranza
…the pictures are absolutely breathtaking!
Isabella MayoProducer, Theater
Isabella Mayo
These books are awesome!
Kelsey HillElementary school teacher
Kelsey Hill
My daughter and I truly enjoyed it, and we love those photos!! We really loved your stories!
Stephanie ArinikoParent
Stephanie Ariniko

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