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Language: English
Category: Writing
Course Type: Multi-Day Course (meets more than one time)

Class Highlights:

Be creative, write an emergent reader wildlife book, with teacher guidance. Teacher will guide student to create and complete an early emergent reader. The students authored wildlife emergent reader, with student selected photographs, will be available to teach younger students how to read on the Conserve Our Wild online reading platform.

Course Details: 

Class Length50 minutes per class
Term6 weeks
Ages9 to 17 years old
Class Sizeup to 10 students
PriceUSD $479 per course

Class Description

Join this fun writing course! Students learn to write an emergent reader, expand creativity, develop visual acuity. Student stories are provided to children learning to read.
Students each week write a wildlife emergent reader about a different animal. Students learn fun animal facts as they write their stories. The teacher guides students step-by-step through the writing process. Students select wildlife photographs to appear in their emergent reader from our catalog of professional  photography. Students will gain a deeper appreciation for writing and greater confidence knowing their stories help children learn to read.

Learning Goals

  • Write emergent readers
  • Stories provided to children learning to read
  • Learn about wildlife and conservation
  • Use their imagination to write stories
  • Select professional photograph to enhance their stories
  • Story structure matching text with photographs
  • Read aloud to group members
  • Improve vocabulary and language skills
  • Improve comprehension
  • Compose and construct simple sentences
  • Animal identification
  • Build appreciation of wildlife and wildlife conservation

Reading Platform

  • Extensive wildlife book catalog.
  • Accessible on desktops, tablets, and phones.
  • Improve reading skills. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Popular animals that children know and love.
  • All wildlife books carefully created for readers under 10 years old.
  • Audio cues for word pronunciation.
  • Organized by Guided Reading level.
  • Guided Reading Levels, Lexile rated, Fountas & Pinnell certified, Common Core Standards approved.
  • Ability to monitor your child’s progress.
  • 100% safe and kid-friendly environment.
  • Learning is easier when kids enjoy the topic of study.
  • Wildlife books available only on ConserveOurWild.com
  • Avatar can read story to learner


  • This course funded in part by Sierra Club.
  • Approved by school districts for preK-5th grade curriculum
  • Books are Lexile rated, Guided Reading Levels, Fountas & Pinnell certified, and Common Core Standard approved
  • Children learn faster when they love the topic of study


We suggest students write additional stories and select photographs for their stories. Students can access Conserve Our Wild’s wildlife book photography catalog and online reading platform to enjoy wildlife stories.


A written report is provided after course completion.


Howard Minsky, Author, Photographer, Conservationist, Safari Host
Quote: ** Learning is easier when you enjoy what you read **

Teacher Expertise:

Howard is a reading educator and author of over 350 guided reading level wildlife emergent readers and storybooks. His books are created for prekindergarten to 5th grade students. The books are certified, leveled, and common core approved.

Teaching Style:

Friendly, organized and lots of fun. I am excited to improve your child’s reading skills and wildlife awareness! I love to answer questions and share stories about the animals, book photographs, and details about the exotic wildlife in their natural habitat.

About Teacher:

Howard is the founder of Conserve Our Wild. He has authored and photographed many of the wildlife books in this reading program.

Conserve Our Wild offers our online reading program with an extensive catalog of wildlife emergent readers and storybooks. Our wildlife books are Lexile rated, Guided Reading Leveled, Common Core Standardized, and Fountas & Pinnell certified.

As a child, Howard grew up in the woods of northern New Jersey. In his earliest years, he loved nature hikes and observing wildlife. His love of nature grew from his mother’s influence. They would always talk about the beauty of wildlife, sharing a moment to appreciate a crisp blue sky, or watch clouds float by, In the Fall season, we’d take car rides over backroads to view the wondrous colors of our northern fall foliage, and of course, watch televisions many animal shows and documentaries with great enthusiasm.

In 2017, Howard spent 30 days volunteering at Nakavango, a big game preserve, in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. This adventure became a defining life changing experience. Howard, overtaken with the beauty of Africa, has returned many times to host African Safaris. Through his passion for wildlife conservation, Howard dedicates his life to the education of wildlife conservation. His efforts include: writing wildlife books, hosting African safaris, creating wildlife conservation theater shows with songs and dances, and hosting environmental events.

As a full time dad; Howard began writing wildlife stories for his daughter to read and appreciate wildlife. Soon they began sharing these stories with friends and classmates. Our efforts continue to improve children’s reading skills and wildlife conservation awareness.

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