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In Author League, we guide you to author professional children’s wildlife books for publishing. Collaborate with our editorial staff, virtually or in-person. In this monthly program you can author a single book or one book every month. The authored books are professionally edited, assembled, and published to Amazon, literacy organizations, and more. This project-based learning experience builds communication skills, self-esteem, and confidence. Click to Enroll!

* Project Based Learning (PBL)
* Author one book or a new book each month
* Fun, creative, and educational
* Great for scholarships and college applications 
* Create a lifelong love for books
* Build self-esteem and confidence

Step-by-step guidance for all levels of ability
Ages: All ages
Editorial Staff: Review, edit, and approve authored books
Book Pages:
Book Dimensions: 8.25” x 6.0” (dimensions subject to change)
Author: (Your Name)
Publisher: Conserve Our Wild

Conserve Our Wild offers this program for schools, homeschool, afterschool club, supplemental activity, tutors, and literacy organizations. We want you to become a published author of children’s wildlife books. Our editorial staff guides you step-by-step to author high quality children’s wildlife books that kids want to read.

Receive step-by-step guidance through your authoring process. Conserve Our Wild utilizes our proprietary Guided Writing Level Authoring System for authors of any age to create professional wildlife books. Your editorially approved authored books are published and distributed through Amazon, literacy organizations, Conserve Our Wild’s online reading platform, and more. Children around the world will have the opportunity to read and learn from your authored books. Our professional staff of teachers, editors, wildlife experts, photographers, and designers work tirelessly to assure your authored books are of the highest quality.

Inclusive Program
We support exceptional student education (ESE) including: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing (DHH), Dual-Sensory Impairment (DSI): Deaf-Blind, Emotional/Behavioral Disability (E/BD), Homebound or Hospitalized (HH), Intellectual Disability (InD), Language Impairment (LI), Orthopedic Impairment (OI), Specific Learning Disability (SLD), Speech Impairment (SI), Visual Impairment (VI).

Sample Books

Animals of Houston, Texas: Emergent Reader
by Millen Naik
View on Amazon | View eBook

Lions Like to Count: Emergent Reader
by Dorian Hom
View on Amazon | View eBook

Grade 1
The Gigantic Grizzly Bear
by Avigayil Nahmani
View on Amazon | View eBook

Grade 2
The Spotted Hyena
by Rose Cohen
View on Amazon | View eBook

Grade 3
The Wolf Solves the Riddle
by Emme Seltzer
View on Amazon | View eBook

Grade 4
Glasses for Gill
by Suri Greenwald

View on Amazon | View eBook

Age 26
American Animals
by Katie Santoro
View on Amazon | View eBook

Age 63
Crocodiles are Cool
by Steven Moreno, Sales Executive
View on Amazon

Age 107 (World Oldest Published Author)
Ducklings on Grandma Willies Farm
by Grandma Willie
Grandma Willie is the world’s oldest published author at 107 years and 30 days.
View on Amazon | View eBook

Office Hours

For additional support, your editorial staff is available during office hours.

Program Merits

  • This program is funded in part by Sierra Club.
  • Endorsed by Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Everglades Foundation, and more.
  • Great supplemental curriciulum for pre-K-12th grade English language arts (ELA) or STEM.

Author League

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Author One Book or One Book Per Month
monthly billing (cancel anytime)
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