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Program:  Become a Published Children’s Wildlife Book Author

Genre:  Children’s wildlife books.
Instructor: Live editorial staff.
Online Author Sessions:  Live video meetings via Zoom and private messaging with editorial staff.
Session Type:  Private one-on-one or group sessions available.
Author Ages:  All ages.
Reader Ages:  Children ages 3-10.
Session Length: 50 minutes per author session.
Your Price:  $2,700 for your first children’s wildlife book. The price is reduced for authors of a book series.
Publishing: Conserve Our Wild will publish reviewed and approved books, authored by you during this program. For those more passionate, you can author a book series with editorial staff support for publishing by Conserve Our Wild.

Program Highlights

Conserve Our Wild, a publisher of children’s wildlife books, offers this online program for you to become a published author of children’s wildlife books. Our editorial staff guides you through our Guided Writing Level Authoring System to author a high quality children’s wildlife book series that kids want to read.  Our target reading audience are children ages 3 to 10 years.

Program Description

In this program , your editorial team will provide full guidance through your authoring process. Conserve Our Wild utilizes our proprietary Guided Writing Level Authoring System for authors to create high quality books. Your editorial approved authored book(s) are distributed through Amazon, global book sellers, schools, affiliates, literacy organizations, Conserve Our Wild online reading platform, and many more. Children around the world will have the opportunity to read and learn from your authored book(s). Our professional staff of editors, graphic designers, literacy teachers, STEM teachers, wildlife experts, photographers, translators, marketers, and sales personnel work tirelessly to assure your children’s wildlife book(s) are of the highest quality with global consumer appeal.

Can I Really Be a Published Author?

Yes! You will write your book(s) in live Zoom sessions with our supportive editorial staff. Our Guided Writing Level Authoring System assures you will, based on your interest and passions, author entertainingly educational books which meet curriculum standards for literacy and STEM. You’ll author children’s wildlife books which you’ll be proud to have author credit of your published work.

International Audience

Conserve Our Wild supports a global audience and provides translation services for authored books. Our translation service is performed by staff and is not an automated process. We find current automated translation services valuable, but they do not meet our stringent standards for printed books. Our translations are designed to provide the same educational value in the translated language as we require in our English editions.

Books We Publish

We are currently publishing wildlife books authored for the early emergent reader category. This program focuses on authoring books for early emergent readers. Authored books require editorial approval prior to publishing.

Children’s Wildlife Early Emergent Reader Book Details

Type: Early Emergent Reader
Genre: Wildlife
Target Reading Audience: Ages 3 to 10 years
Grade Level:  Preschool – 5th grade
Language: English (multiple languages available)
Pages: 24
Book Dimensions: 8.33” x 6.25” (dimensions subject to change)
Publisher: Conserve Our Wild
Author: “Your Name”

Editorial Support

Our editorial staff guides you through the authoring process to create high quality children’s wildlife book(s). Our Guided Writing Levels simplify the authoring process.

Publisher Support 

Conserve Our Wild provides full publisher support: editorial review, photographic catalog, guided writing levels, guided reading level scores, sight word support, graphic designers, language translators, marketing services, and sales support to achieve our high standards for global distribution.

Author Sessions

After enrollment, you will select dates and times for your Zoom author sessions with our editorial staff.
Session length:  50 minutes

Office Hours

For additional support, our editorial staff are available during office hours.

Instructor Expertise

Our instructors are professional editors and published authors. You will learn from the best!

Instructor Style

Our instruction style is friendly, organized, and educational. We are excited to guide you on your journey to being a children’s wildlife book published author.

Program Merits

  • This program is funded in part by Sierra Club.
  • Endorsed by Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Everglades Foundation, and more.
  • Books are approved by school districts for pre-K-5th grade curriculum.
  • Books are Guided Reading Level scored
  • Books are designed to meet national and state curriculum standards.

Author Benefits

  • Highly valued by college admission boards
  • Admiration from family, friends, employers, and coworkers
  • children, grandchildren, and your community.
  • Great addition to your resume or CV
  • Help improve child literacy and wildlife conservation around the world
  • Have you child, grandchild, and children in your community read your authored books
  • Fill your local library, school or child’s bookshelf with your authored books.
  • Create an everlasting legacy

Publisher & Distribution 

Publisher:  Conserve Our Wild
Our Mission:  Improve child literacy and wildlife conservation
Book Curriculum:  Literacy, STEM, ESOL, ELL, EAL, ESL, SEL, ECS, SEMH, SEN, Autism.
Distribution:  Amazon, global book sellers, schools, affiliates, literacy organizations, Conserve Our Wild’s online reading platform, and many more.
Proceeds:  Purchasing this program helps improve child literacy and wildlife conservation.

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