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Books in Series:12
Book Info:32 pages, 1,000 words
Reading Time:7 to 10 minutes
Lexile:500 average
Description:Great stories, amazing pictures, fun facts, conservation tips, and wholesome life lessons


  • Ellie Elephant– Join Ellie on the African savanna to learn what it’s like to be the largest land animal on Earth.
  • Delta the Painted Dog– Join Delta on a great adventure and learn what life is like as an African Painted Dog.
  • Connie the Grey Crowned Crane– She may look beautiful, elegant and majestic, but Connie knows it’s more important to be a good bird than to just look good.
  • Lilly Lioness– Join Lilly on the African savanna to see what life is like as a lion.
  • Coco Crocodile– Join Coco on the banks of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. Learn about life as a Nile crocodile.
  • Ollie Ostrich– Ollie is one strange bird with many world records. She’s excited to tell you all about ostriches.
  • Jaden Giraffe– Walk the African savanna with the tallest animal on Earth. Come see the world as she does.
  • Zooma Zebra – Zebras can be a bit grouchy, but not Zooma. She just wants to play all day with you.
  • Harry Hippo– Harry loves to share how fun life is being a hippo.
  • Sylvester the Cheetah is My Friend– Sylvester loves being the fastest runner on Earth. Come hang out and see how much fun it is being a cheetah.
  • Bobo Baboon – What do you think it’s like to sleep in a tree and spend your day searching for food in the open woodlands of Africa? Read this fun story and find out.
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