Everglades Animals

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Everglades Animals

Improve Reading Skills!
Guided Reading for Children Who Love Animals!


Course Name:  Everglades Animals – Guided Reading Course
Location:  Online
Format:  Guided Reading Levels
Ages:  4 to 10
Access:  12 months
Price:  $149.89
Discount:  34% off
Your Price:  $99.00
Note 1:  proceeds support child literacy and wildlife conservation.
Note 2: school price is $1,400 per school.

Course Highlights

Students gain foundational reading skills as they learn about animals in this Guided Reading Level course. Our students love animals. When you enjoy what you read, you will learn faster. Our students have fun as they improve reading, comprehension, and retention skills.


This program helps your child read at or above grade level. Our wildlife course content is Lexile rated, Fountas & Pinnell certified, School District approved, and meets Common Core standards. Our guided reading levels contain stunning photographs to identify the main ideas and details as well as ask and answer questions about wildlife. Detailed, supportive photographs, high-frequency words, and repetitive phrases support our course content. This unique reading course supports children ages 4 to 10 (preschool to 5th grade).

Guided Reading Levels

Guided reading levels allow our students to improve at their own pace with materials matching their reading level. This program was created to support students developing reading proficiency. Our educationally entertaining guided reading levels are designed to provide appropriate scaffolding, and gradually reduce support to promote independent reading, learning, and confidence.

Reading Technology

This online reading program provides the ability for students to learn pronunciation more efficiently than on their own. Readers simply click on a word, and the word is read to the reader. Our reading program removes student anxiety of not knowing how to read a word or the need to ask for help. Our readers are empowered to learn on their own at the very moment they are challenged. We help create independent readers and learners.   Our students can select to read on their own, have a specific word or words read to them, or have a page or the entire book read aloud for them. It is their choice.


Our students receive fun recognition for each earned achievement within this reading course. Awards are granted for each book read and each level completed. Upon completion of all course reading levels, our student is awarded a certificate of completion and a special reward for their achievement.

Learning Goals

During this course students will build their reading, vocabulary, language skills, comprehension, retention, and appreciation of wildlife and wildlife conservation.

Time Commitment

We recommend our students enjoy our reading program for 20 minutes each day.

Educational Benefits

Certified by Fountas and Pinnell
Lexile rated
Listed by Guided Reading Levels
Sight Words used to increase comprehension
Technology supports independent learning
Auto-read highlighted words
Readers learn about wildlife and conservation
Extensive wildlife catalog
Interest Level for ages:  3 to 10
Wonderful wildlife stories, fun facts, and stunning photography
Helping beginner, struggling and non-English speakers become independent readers.

Why Wildlife?

Children love animals. When you enjoy the topic, and the materials are high-quality, learning is easier.

Our Mission

Improve child literacy and inspire wildlife conservation.


The books are very informative! I’m sure the kids will love them!
~ Haley P, Lion Country Safari

Perfectly written for children. How could a parent not love reading this to their child.
~ Alisa J, Columbia University

I get more out of reading your books the more I read them.
~ Marla C, Read-Ability

BRAVO! I am very captivated by your adventurous story! Your photos are amazing
~ Deanne D, Wildlife Painter

The pictures are absolutely breathtaking!
~ Yvonne Zulu, Wildlife Safari Guide

These books are awesome!
~ Kelsey H, Elementary School Teacher

My daughter and I truly enjoy your books, and we love those photos!! We really loved this story!
~ Stephanie A, Parent

With much gratitude, we display only a few of the many wonderful compliments we receive from parents, teachers, tutors, educational administrators, wildlife experts, and most importantly students around the world. Thank you!

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