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Reading program for ages 4 to 10. 
Our guided reading level program helps your child read at or above grade level. Our wildlife books and materials are developed specifically for this reading program. The materials meet common core for English language arts/literacy, Lexile, and Fountas & Pinnell ratings. Schools, reading teachers, wildlife experts, and parents worldwide appreciate this reading program. Most excitedly, children love reading our wildlife content! As we say, when you enjoy what you read, learning is easy and fun. Give your child the opportunity to improve their reading skills while learning about animals.

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Author program for all ages! 
Our editorial staff guides you step by step through the entire authoring process. Our program, with 100% money back guarantee, assures with our guidance, you will be a published author of one or more children’s wildlife books. Your authored books will help children worldwide learn to read and appreciate wildlife. 
No experience necessary.

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Reading program for ages 4 to 10. 
Guided reading is a teaching approach designed to help individual readers build an effective system for processing a variety of increasingly challenging texts over time. Guided reading levels graded using the Fountas and Pinnell text level gradient.

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